Teen Entrepreneurship Ebook: Download for free now!

Teen Entrepreneurship Ebook: Download for free now!

Teen Entrepreneurship Ebook: Download for free now! 1000 1000 Natasha Chou

Download ebook on teen entrepreneurship: A Teen Entrepreneur's Handbook

[Download A Teen Entrepreneur’s Handbook]

According to a survey by Junior Achievement USA, 60% of teens are interested in launching their own businesses. In our monthly newsletters on teen entrepreneurship, we’ve shared stories of teens who launched a personal safety app for women, founded a non-profit that provides meals to foster families, and started an online beauty business that generated over $1 million in revenue. (Sign up for Spike Lab monthly newsletter here)

While launching a business and promoting changes sound exciting, navigating the challenges of becoming a teen entrepreneur is no easy quest. We have spoken with many teens who have exciting ideas but struggle to make an impact, and those who are eager to make an impact yet don’t know how to get started.

To support more aspiring as well as veteran teen entrepreneurs, Larry Liu, Spike Lab’s Head of Curriculum, compiled our first-ever ebook on teen entrepreneurship, A Teen Entrepreneur’s Handbook. If you are new to entrepreneurship, this ebook will quickly familiarize you with the basic concepts of teen entrepreneurship and guide you through the different phases of launching a venture. If you’ve already had some experience with entrepreneurship, the bank of recommended resources in the ebook will advance your knowledge and inspire you to keep going.

For a limited time, you can get our ebook A Teen Entrepreneur’s Handbook for free. Download your copy here and happy reading!

If you would like to learn about how Spike Lab’s programs support teen entrepreneurs, you can book a program consultation with one of our specialists. We will explain the ins and outs of our different programs and how the programs can be personalized to match your needs. (Read: Youth Entrepreneurship program: What Makes Spike Lab Different)