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In Defense of The Teen Passion Project

In Defense of The Teen Passion Project 1366 795 Lloyd Nimetz

New York Magazine recently published a scathing cover article titled, Inventing the College Applicant, that harmfully frames teen passion projects as an inauthentic tactic used by rich teens to get into top colleges. This post is a defense of the teen passion project. When done for the right reasons, it is an effective educational model for teens.

The Spike Lab’s Reason for Being

The Spike Lab’s Reason for Being 1080 674 Lloyd Nimetz

This article explains our company’s mission: to develop “purpose-driven innovators for life”. We are working to foster a fundamental paradigm shift in adolescent education that puts the development of purposeful innovators at the center.

What’s Your Passion?

What’s Your Passion? 800 605 Larry Liu

When it comes to developing a deep achievement Spike, passion is an essential ingredient. But for most students, discovering passion is no easy task. Like most students, you probably have too many interests and even deciding on a place to start is a challenge.