Our Support Team

Lloyd Nimetz

Founder & CEO

Lloyd is the founder of The Spike Lab. He is a serial entrepreneur and startup investor who has been a founder of five for-profits and nonprofits in the US, Taiwan, Argentina and India. Previously he directed 4.0 Schools’ education startup accelerator and before that was the co-founder of Dev Bootcamp NYC (parent company was acquired by Kaplan Inc in 2014). Lloyd went to Stanford University for his MBA, majored in Economics during his undergraduate studies at Williams College and was a Fulbright Scholar.

He has lived all over the world and currently resides in his native New York City with his wife, two young daughters and dog. He speaks English and Spanish fluently and is being taught Mandarin at home by his wife and daughters and during his frequent trips to Asia.

Larry Liu

Head of Curriculum

Larry is an educator and co-founder of The Spike Lab. He was a high school teacher for six years, during which he taught AP Psychology, AP English, IB Physics, Robotics, Game Design, and Special Ed English. He has designed and run student leadership programs in the US, China, Mexico, Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic. Larry is an expert on growth mindset and founded an education consulting company that coaches school leaders throughout the US.

Before The Spike Lab, Larry became an experienced entrepreneurship coach, mentoring the founders of early stage startups through recognized startup accelerator programs like 4.0 Schools, the CUNY Student Accelerator, and The New School’s New Challenge. Larry speaks English and Mandarin fluently and currently lives in Taipei.

Theo Wolf

Chief of Staff & Head Coach

Theo is Chief of Staff, Head Coach, and a founding team member at The Spike Lab. He is a writer and educator with a background consulting for ed-tech startups and as a staff member at Cornell University. He has led teacher training workshops at the Dwight School, guest lectured at Cornell, and mentored students at entrepreneurship events across New York City.

Previously he worked as a writer in Los Angeles. His plays and screenplays have been produced in New York and Los Angeles. Theo was born and raised in Boston and currently lives in New York City.

Jane Griffiths Chan

Senior Advisor in Hong Kong

Jane advises TSL on developing its market and community in Hong Kong. Her formal education is in Business and Finance with a Higher National Diploma in Management Studies. She worked for many years in the Direct Marketing sector before devoting all of her time to nurturing her family, which includes the cutest dog.

Jane has also served on a school PTA and other volunteering committees. Her children both attend an international school in Hong Kong. Jane has also served on a school PTA and other volunteering committees. Her children both attend an international school in Hong Kong.

King Sze Yip

Senior Advisor in Hong Kong

King-Sze advises TSL on developing its market and community in Hong Kong. She holds a BA in Economics as well as an MBA. She is a CPA and Chartered Accountant who has worked in Toronto, New York City, and Hong Kong.

She has devoted the past 15 years to her family of 3 kids and has learned much about life and love.

Wei Te Huang

Director of Operations

Wei Te builds The Spike Lab’s systems and databases and is essential in helping the entire team run smoothly. He graduated from National Taiwan University with a Bachelor’s in Finance. As a young professional, he spent a decade becoming an expert translator, teaching himself how to code and honing his prowess in video games.

As a self-proclaimed nerd and Star Wars fan, Weite cares deeply about The Spike Lab’s mission.

Philipp Hamer

Student Success Manager

Phillipp is in charge of ensuring all of our students are on track to making great progress in their Spikes. He received a BA in Business Administration from Boston University with concentrations in Finance and Strategy & Innovation. Before joining The Spike Lab, he worked as an investment analyst for a private equity fund and managed the internship program.

Philipp enjoys working in a people-focused role, which is why he was drawn to The Spike Lab and its emphasis on putting students first.

Natasha Chou

Community Manager for Asia

Natasha supports prospective families based in Taiwan and Asia. She holds a bachelor’s degree in political science from National Taiwan University and a master’s degree in international relations from New York University. Having gone through conventional Taiwanese education, Natasha believes that what The Spike Lab offers – a shift in education to focus on students’ passion and purpose – is invaluable as well as necessary to help students adapt to the ever-changing world.

Before Natasha joined The Spike Lab, she worked at the United Nations and interned at Asia Society and the New York City Mayor’s Office.

Xueying Chen

Community Manager for the US

Xueying supports prospective families based in the US and Europe. She grew up in Seattle, WA, and graduated from Wellesley College with a double BA in English literature and economics. She has worked as a college admissions consultant for some of the top students in Beijing, China, and then moved to Taiwan to continue learning Mandarin and exploring Asia.

As a first-generation American immigrant, Xueying values the difference education makes in people’s lives.