Spike Lab’s Class of 2023: College Acceptances & Spikes

Spike Lab’s Class of 2023: College Acceptances & Spikes

Spike Lab’s Class of 2023: College Acceptances & Spikes 1000 1000 Theo Wolf

Congratulations to our Class of 2023 on gaining admission to many wonderful colleges this spring. During their high school careers, Spike Lab seniors have worked exceptionally hard to launch Spikes – defined as passion-based ventures with real-world impact. A Spike is a rare and authentic accomplishment among teenagers, which is why Spike Lab students gain admissions to some of the top and best-fit undergraduate programs. This spring, we celebrate our Spike Founders’ results, notable Spikes, and significant growth milestones.

Class of 2023 Admissions Statistics

  • 100% of SL students have been accepted into top 50 colleges/universities or an Early Decision school
  • 89% of students have been accepted to their reach or “high risk” colleges
  • 63% of students were accepted to their Early Decision or Restrictive Early Action school.

We are grateful for the opportunity to support our students and humbled by their successes, especially in light of colleges continuing to stay at historic lows (Harvard University: 3.4%, NYU: 8%), not just at Ivy League institutions. Our students were accepted to some incredible schools this year, including Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Brown, Columbia, Dartmouth, Rice, Vanderbilt, University of Cambridge, UCLA, NYU, Tufts, Georgetown, Michigan, USC, and more. Click here for a complete list of our college acceptance this year. 

You can find more information about Spike Lab’s historical admissions results here.

Featured Spikes

Spike Lab is pleased to present a selection of Spikes from our Class of 2022 across a diversity of fields that also made star appearances in college applications. Please note: we refer to the students who launched these Spike as “Spike Founders” to respect their anonymity.

Chicken Coop Maintenance Business

Entrepreneurship and Animal Care

During the pandemic, suburban chicken ownership underwent a boom, but owners didn’t know how to properly care for chickens or maintain their coops. This Spike Founder started a profitable subscription business to maintain chicken coops and eventually sold it for a 5-figure sum.

Amazing Race Style Team Bonding for Schools

Behavioral Economics and Physical Fitness

Upon returning to school from COVID-era remote learning, this student found that classmates were not connecting, having missed out on valuable in-person experiences. He organized a series of Amazing Race-style physical and mental challenges to help students meet each other and make friends. Afterwards, he packaged his event up in a blueprint for other schools to follow.

Procrastination Apps for Teenagers

Tech and Mental Health

This Spike Founder wanted to solve procrastination for him and his fellow students. He created an app and a chrome plug-in dedicated to helping students focus on their task at hand. Gamified mechanics incentivized users to block out distractions.

Classics Program for Kids

Education and Innovation

A program dedicated to helping kids learn about classics in a fun, engaging way. This Spike Founder partnered with high schools across the country to run workshops and create curriculum that engaged younger students.

Architecture of Movies Series

Architecture and Film

This Spike Founder started a web series which took a close look at the physical architecture present in modern movies. Each episode detailed a different film and explained key architectural concepts that informed various shots and settings.

Cryptocurrency Token

Economics and Blockchain

This Spike Founder launched their own cryptocurrency token, which gained significant traction and market cap.

Back Brace Design Competition

Confidence and Design

Scoliosis braces are ugly, uncomfortable, and terrible for student confidence. This Spike Founder started a design competition for students to make more exciting and visually engaging back braces. They partnered with a major brace manufacturer to get the winning designs produced.

Procrastination Box

Engineering and Mental Health

This Spike Founder engineered a physical puzzle box for students to store their phones in during study hours. In order to access their phone, users have to go through a series of complicated steps, which deterred them from being distracted.

Sustainable Clothing Platform

Climate Change and Fashion

An online media platform designed to inform and empower GenZ to make sustainable fashion choices through brand research, environmental insights and market fundamentals.

Join our Spike Coaching Program

Each Spike Founder in our Class of 2023 has succeeded in going above and beyond by paving their own solutions to issues in their communities. Each Spike is deeply connected to the respective Spike Founder’s origin story and personal background. Intrinsic motivation and inspiration are foundational to creating uniquely impressive Spikes, in addition to the entrepreneurship skills our 1-on-1 Spike Coaching program teaches.

Talk to us to learn more about how we can support your goals in creating an unforgettable and meaningful Spike.