Spike Lab’s Class of 2022: College Acceptances & Spikes

Spike Lab’s Class of 2022: College Acceptances & Spikes

Spike Lab’s Class of 2022: College Acceptances & Spikes 1000 1000 Xueying Chen

Congratulations to our Class of 2022 on gaining admission to many wonderful colleges this spring. During their high school careers, Spike Lab seniors have worked exceptionally hard to launch Spikes – defined as passion-based ventures with real-world impact. A Spike is a rare and authentic accomplishment among teenagers, which is why Spike Lab students gain admissions to some of the top and best-fit undergraduate programs. This spring, we celebrate our Spike Founders’ results, notable Spikes, and significant growth milestones.

Class of 2022 Admissions Statistics

  • 100% of SL students have been accepted into top 50 colleges/universities or an Early Decision school
  • 86% of students have been accepted to their reach or “high risk” colleges
  • 63% of students were accepted to their Early Decision or Restrictive Early Action school.

We are grateful for the opportunity to support our students and humbled by their successes, especially in light of falling admissions rates at various Top 50 schools (Northeastern University: 7%, Vanderbilt: 6%), not just at Ivy League institutions. Our students were accepted to some incredible schools this year, including Stanford, Cornell, Brown, UPenn, Columbia, NYU, USC, UC Berkeley, Bowdoin College, Wellesley College, and more. Click here for a complete list of our college acceptance this year. 

You can find more information about Spike Lab’s historical admissions results here.

Featured Spikes

Spike Lab is pleased to present a selection of Spikes from our Class of 2022 across a diversity of fields that also made star appearances in college applications. Please note: we refer to the students who launched these Spike as “Spike Founders” to respect their anonymity.

Fundraising Initiative for Child Immigrants

Social Impact and Advocacy

This Spike Founder individually raised USD$6,000+ to support unaccompanied immigrant children at risk of deportation. They have also partnered with a major immigrant children’s rights organization and continue to raise money through partnered initiatives.

Online Platform for Girls in STEM

STEM and Girls Empowerment

A website that inspires young girls to learn more about different careers in STEM fields and has received press attention. The Spike Founder promoted her mission through social media channels and conducted several multi-series interviews with notable women in STEM to share their experiences.

Daily SMS Fitness Service for Teens

Fitness and Tech

A motivational program to build healthy fitness habits among teens, in order to build confidence and reduce stress. The Spike Founder has launched an initial pilot, built out code and database to automate process, and sourced partnerships with local teen organizations.

Educational Game Series

Education and Innovation

A digitized set of card games that gamified learning topics in AP science and history courses. This Spike later inspired a research paper evaluating learning outcomes, which was presented at an international game-based learning conference.

Education Policy Research

Education and Research

Grassroots research that was developed into an education reform proposal to improve the student learning experience across Taiwan. The Spike Founder was invited to present their proposal at a national education conference, which Taiwanese President Tsai-Ying Wen attended.

Youth Economics & Finance Network

Economics and Community

A national student-run organization to support aspiring economists and financial analysts. The network spans five schools, publishing and sharing economic research reports, and investment newsletters, and running an online financial media platform. The Spike Founder also organized a team that was recognized as a finalist at a regional investment competition hosted by a Top 10 US college.

Online Magazine Tackling Eating Disorders

Mental Health and Publication

A publication to combat the rise of eating disorders that have exploded during the pandemic with the increased use of social media by Gen Z. The magazine was distributed to hundreds of teens online, while the Spike Founder was invited to promote her magazine on a notable wellness podcast.

Sports Outreach Advocacy Foundation

Sports Recovery and Community

An organization that provides programmatic support to student-athletes focused on trauma recovery after they’ve experienced severe concussions. This foundation was featured on local TV news and media and has supported student-athletes across multiple high schools.

Free Peer Tutoring Program

Community Service and Education

An organization of high school volunteers across multiple schools and states offering free tutoring in order to provide fair access to education, especially during Covid.  The program has worked with 100+ students and tutors over the span of 2000+ accumulated hours.

Join our Spike Coaching Program

Each Spike Founder in our Class of 2022 has succeeded in going above and beyond by paving their own solutions to issues in their communities. Each Spike is deeply connected to the respective Spike Founder’s origin story and personal background. Intrinsic motivation and inspiration are foundational to creating uniquely impressive Spikes, in addition to the entrepreneurship skills our 1-on-1 Spike Coaching program teaches.

Talk to us to learn more about how we can support your goals in creating an unforgettable and meaningful Spike.