September 2020 Recommended Readings

September 2020 Recommended Readings

September 2020 Recommended Readings 1280 672 Theo Wolf

In our work as coaches to high school superstars, we come across important stories on youth innovation and college admissions. Every month, we share our round-up of the most important ones. This month highlights the importance of social-emotional wellness during COVID and lessons on learning entrepreneurship. We hope you enjoy them!

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1. The 2020 Back-to-School List for Teens’ Emotional Well-Being

by Lida Damour | New York Times

As students settle into the school year of remote learning, young adults are reporting higher rates of loneliness and anxiety. Their families can support them emotionally by establishing reliable routines, safe ways to socialize with friends, and more.

2. Social and Emotional Learning Has Never Been More Important—or More Difficult

by Julie Jargon | Wall Street Journal

Due to social distancing, students are missing out on social-emotional learning opportunities. Luckily, there are virtual curriculums (including our Spike Coaching Program), podcasts, and apps that teach emotional regulation.

3. Healing the Whole Family

by Grace Chiang | New York Times

We are excited to share this courageous article written by Grace Chiang, a TSL Coach. Sharing her own experience, she candidly discusses the tremendous stress students face with college admissions as well as how families can best support them.

4. Can Entrepreneurship Be Taught in a Classroom?

by Ashish K. Bhatia and Natalia Levina | Harvard Business Review

Entrepreneurs must learn to embrace uncertainty effectively, an approach that traditional business schools aren’t able to teach. That’s why we encourage our students to get out into the real world.

5. It’s Not About What You Do. It’s About Why You Do It

by Jason Feifer | Entrepreneur

Feifer, editor-in-chief of Entrepreneur magazine, argues that the deeper motivations behind an organization are more important than what exactly the organization does. What we like to define as…Purpose + Passion + Project = Spike.

6. A New Podcast Featuring Teen Innovators Explores the Future of the Business World

Wharton Global Youth Program | University of Pennsylvania

This podcast features young adult entrepreneurs around the world who are embracing innovation and emerging trends to launch businesses (or what we would call Spike Projects.)

7. University of California System can’t use SAT and ACT for admissions

by Jenn Selva and Leah Asmelash | CNN

A California judge has ruled that no UC school will be allowed to use standardized tests in admissions in 2020 since they disadvantage low-income students and students with disabilities. This may be overturned by the application deadline, so stay tuned.