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Our program coaches high school students through the process of identifying, launching and growing a Spike.

Build Something Meaningful: a “Spike”

Master Innovation & Leadership Abilities

Develop a Sense of Purpose

Boost Your College Admissions Profile

The 1st program to combine

Admissions Consulting


Spike Incubation

6 Stages of Spike Incubation

1. Founder Story

  • Identify and develop your Spike direction.
  • Craft an unforgettable founder origin story that elevates your sense of purpose and distinguishes a compelling personal brand for your Spike.

2. Identification

  • Brainstorm, strategize and select a Spike idea.
  • Deepen your Spike-related expertise and skills.

3. Validation

  • Define your Spike idea at more depth: go from idea to model and strategy.
  • Network, interview and run tests to validate the key assumptions in the model and reduce the risk associated with the idea.

4. Launch

  • Execute on the go-to-market plan, launching a minimal yet viable version of the Spike into the world.

5. Traction

  • Pivot and/or continuously improve on your Spike idea to reach a critical mass of early adopters.

6. Scale

  • Grow the Spike in terms of impact and users/audience.
  • Amplify the Spike with recognition: prizes, awards and media coverage.

4 Stages of Admissions Consulting

1. Guidance Counseling

  • Define your college candidacy story: Figure out who you want to become in high school.
  • Create a plan to make this story come true and follow through.
  • Receive guidance on course selection, standardized tests, recommendation letters and more.
  • Get thorough support researching and applying to/networking into summer programs and internships.

2. College List

  • Leverage our research, knowledge and networks to learn about colleges.
  • Select a list of reach, match and safety colleges that are the best fit for you.

3. Applications

  • Map your college candidacy story to a wholistic application strategy.
  • Get comprehensive support with all sections of your applications, especially with your personal essay and supplemental essays.

4. Post-Applications

  • Receive guidance with post-application updates, final decision-making and preparing for college.

Program Details

Weekly Coaching:
90 Minutes
Optional 30 Minute
Concierge Sessions
Anytime Chat:
24/7 Support
Conducted Remotely
(Zoom & Google Drive)
3 months
Starter Package
Options to continue beyond 3 months


This is a selective program for high school students. Contact us for custom programs for younger or older students. Our requirements include:

Motivated or High-achieving

English: Fluent or proficient







admitted to their reach colleges!


  • The best time to start Spike Coaching varies from student to student, but earlier is often better because critical skills (i.e. brainstorming, planning, public speaking, etc) can have a positive compounding impact on the rest of high school, both inside and outside of the classroom. In fact, many of our students have shown marked improvement in their academics as a result of our coaching. Students do not need to have a Spike idea or sense of purpose already because our Spike Coaching program is designed to flesh this out through reflection and experiential learning.

    If interested, please book a free consultation and we can assess whether now is a good time to begin Spike Coaching.

  • Launching a Spike requires maturity, the ability to execute, and a significant investment of time. Our coaches can also help students, who are interested, in developing these capabilities. Our Spike Coaching program is 100% personalized, so the time it takes to complete a Spike depends on each student. On average, a 10th or 11th grader takes about 1 to 1.5 years to launch a fully developed, high-impact Spike. Oftentimes, younger students are still developing their interests as well as their ability to execute. These are two reasons why they take longer to build a Spike, and our program is one of the most efficient ways to grow these capabilities. An exceptionally driven, mature, and self-aware 11th grader or rising 12th grader, who can dedicate more time to Spike Coaching, may launch a Spike in under one year. We can estimate the likely time it would take an individual student during our consultation process.

    All students begin with a 12-week Starter Package, which consists of weekly coaching sessions to gain momentum and create a solid foundation for their Spike. Upon completion of the Starter Package, students can decide if they would like to continue coaching full-time (weekly sessions), part-time (one session every other week), flex (on-demand sessions), or temporarily pause coaching.

  • The total cost of our Spike Coaching program depends on the number of sessions a student receives. Students begin with the 12-session Starter Package, which is US$6,600. After the Starter Package, students can continue coaching at the cost of US$550 per session.

    Our Spike Coaching program is fully customizable in terms of curriculum and number of sessions, so the overall cost depends on the individual student’s need for support. We design each student’s program customization during our consultation process. Please set up a consultation to learn more and request detailed pricing information.

  • We consider the student-coach relationship seriously because a positive and authentic connection is foundational to a successful Spike. During our consultation process, we recommend a coach for a student based on the following areas for best fit: personality, domain interests, and teaching-learning style. We go to great lengths to ensure that the student is paired with a coach whom they have confidence in.

  • Admissions officers from highly selective colleges in the US often see students with similarly impressive scores, advanced courses, and extracurriculars. To stand out from this crowd, students need to demonstrate a compelling reason they should be accepted. Based on data released from the 2018 Harvard Admissions Trial, students who have a “well-rounded” profile have less than a 10% chance of gaining acceptance to Harvard, while students who have a distinguishing factor, like a Spike, have around a 70% chance of being admitted. A Spike must be “uniquely impressive,” which means that this project must align with a student’s individual background and interests. A Spike must also have a “real-world impact.” Creating impact within a community is especially difficult for a teenager to achieve, but this type of contribution is exactly what highly selective colleges like Harvard and Stanford look for. A Spike signals that a student will add considerable value to their college community and go on after college to have a major impact on the world.

  • The coach is there to help a student answer all questions related to their Spike and to developing their profile for college. We also encourage every student to ask about anything else on their mind. This can include but is not limited to applying for opportunities during summer and winter breaks, selecting courses, securing internships, and starting preliminary college research based on your Spike story.

  • Yes. Our program can be customized to support college students or graduates in applying to jobs and internships, developing a stronger sense of self, and pursuing meaningful passion projects that demonstrate skills for the workforce. We can also serve as an extra mentor during stressful college years, helping students navigate complex university structures to take full advantage of the resources their university makes available to them.