Entrepreneur Coach Talent Pool (STEM backgrounds needed)

Entrepreneur Coach Talent Pool (STEM backgrounds needed)

Entrepreneur Coach Talent Pool (STEM backgrounds needed) 150 150 Theo Wolf

The Spike Lab

While we are not in immediate need of new coaches, we’re on the lookout for potential coaches we could tap later this year or early 2022. Please reach out if this position feels exciting to you and we can touch base and get you started in our talent pipeline. If you fit the description, please apply! Right now, we are particularly keeping an eye out for coaches with backgrounds/specialization in STEM fields.

What you’ll be doing

You will join us as an independent contractor coach. After the appropriate training in our proprietary Spike Coaching model and curriculum, your primary role will be to directly coach students on a weekly basis, primarily via video conference. You set the number of students you want to coach at a time, a minimum of four (4) and a maximum of twelve (12). You will have opportunities to work with the founding team to continuously improve our coaching curriculum and build a world-class organization positioned to achieve its ambitious mission: purpose-driven innovators for life. This is imagined as a part-time position (~2.5hours/student/week) that is well-suited for entrepreneurs, educators or other professionals seeking additional income.

Position Description

We are seeking a part-time contractor to coach students on a weekly basis. The primary responsibilities include:

  • 90 minutes of 1:1 weekly coaching with each student
  • 30 to 90 minutes per student of additional weekly support including coaching prep, office hours, networking, research and communication with student stakeholders, report writing, student progress tracking and other miscellaneous support
  • Initial training and continuous development
  • Cross-coaching to support other coaches, i.e. brainstorming Spike ideas
  • Continuous, agile curriculum development


  • Degree from a top US College
  • Entrepreneurship experience and mindset
  • Real-world experience building “Spikes” — finding purpose and taking initiative to achieve real-world impact
  • Naturally interested in the world of innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Creative and comfortable brainstorming under pressure
  • Strong innovation and entrepreneurship skills (read our definition here)
  • Experience as a coach or educator
    • The definition of coach that we are using here does not refer to an athletic coach but rather the definition more closely relating to professional mentors or advisors.
    • By educator, we are referring primarily to teachers, counselors or other instructors who have experience helping young people grow and achieve success.
  • Strong interpersonal skills: High EQ
  • US Citizen or permanent resident (preferred but not required)
  • Mandarin fluency or proficiency (preferred but not required)
  • US College admissions expertise (preferred but not required)
  • Based in Taipei, Hong Kong or New York Metro Area (preferred but not required)

Job Details

  • You define your work schedule and location.
  • You set the number of students you want to coach. Expectations are initially 5+.
  • Paid per student coached.
  • Maintain a high level of communication and collaboration with the core team.
  • Travel: Periodic travel to meet with us and/or student families (preferred but not required)
  • Start Date: Q4 2021 or Q1 2022.

To apply for this job please email your resume and cover letter to theo@thespikelab.com

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