Student Success Manager (Taipei, Taiwan)

Student Success Manager (Taipei, Taiwan)

Student Success Manager (Taipei, Taiwan) 150 150 Theo Wolf

We are looking to hire a highly motivated and accomplished professional seeking an account management and customer success role in a growing company. Spike Lab (SL) is a high school entrepreneurship program where students of all backgrounds become founders; learning entrepreneurship and innovation skills by developing and launching a Spike – a passion-based venture that has real world impact. The Success Manager will play a key role in coordinating communications and ensuring a fast turnaround to all customer-facing issues.

We are seeking someone who is excited to interact daily with families (students and their parents) to enable Spike Lab to offer the highest quality coaching possible, to bolster customer retention and referrals, and to help current families engage with other program offerings within Spike Lab. This is also someone who is extremely detail-oriented and has strong verbal and written communication skills in English and strong verbal skills in Mandarin. Most importantly it’s someone who is mission-driven and passionate about our coaching model and vision. You will have the opportunity to work with a uniquely global and diverse team with deep entrepreneurship, business, and education experience — all alumni from top US universities like Stanford, Yale, Harvard, Princeton, Cornell, Michigan, and Williams.

Because of the nature of the role and Spike Lab’s current stage of development, the Success Manager will need to have experience or familiarity with innovation entrepreneurship methods. This will not only help the Success Manager evaluate and understand the students who are being managed, but will also smooth the transition to Spike Lab, which functions very much like a startup.

What you’ll be doing

The overall function of the Success Manager is that of Account Management. This includes proposing and prototyping improvements to our success management systems to create a better student and family experience that is responsive, high quality and scalable: i.e. creating and managing retention communication automations.

Communications Coordinator

Communicating with parents via email, text and messenger platforms to field questions and concerns
Meeting with parents via phone or Zoom to give updates, discuss concerns, and manage family expectations
Relaying concerns or issues to the relevant parties and coordinating the response to these issues until they are fully resolved

Program Support and Quality Control 

  • Track student progress and ensure that students are hitting their benchmarks at appropriate times, or if not, that the outcomes are aligned with parental expectations
  • Identify any coaching quality, student engagement, or Spike quality issues early in the process and coordinate the appropriate response
  • Working with coaches to finalize progress reports and other information to update parents on progress
  • Facilitate the preparation of Spike Reviews and Spike Defenses
  • Managing operations for initiatives that benefit the student experience, such as gift giving and special student-facing events

Revenue Support

  • Increase the retention of students by addressing concerns, setting correct expectations, and overall ensuring that families are having a positive experience
  • Generating referral leads from current families by leveraging ongoing events (conducted by the Community Managers) and developing new events (ie. workshops) to create more occasions for referrals
  • Pitching (where appropriate) additional Spike Lab programs for families to generate cross-selling opportunities
  • Supporting operations and accounts receivable to contact families to collect payments on late invoices
What we’re looking for
  • Relatable, highly persuasive communicator (both verbal and written)
  • A fast learner and creative thinker
  • Good at managing ambiguity and large workloads: strong task prioritization & management
  • Mission-driven & passionate about our model and vision
  • Fluent in spoken and written English
  • Fluent or conversational in Mandarin
  • Degree (bachelor’s or master’s) from a respected US university (preferred)
  • 2 years experience working at a predominantly English-speaking company (preferred)
  • 2 years experience in customer success, customer service, hospitality, education, or account management roles (preferred)
  • Strengths: Customer Service, Interpersonal Relations, Sales, Communications, Copy-writing, and Software Management
  • Knowledge of and familiarity with innovation entrepreneurship and startup methods
  • Authorized to work in Taiwan (aka Taiwanese Citizen or Permanent Resident with open work permit) (required)*

*Non-Taiwanese citizens who are in the process of obtaining Permanent Residency or who have applied for an Employment Gold Card are encouraged to apply as well

Job Details
  • NTD60-70,000 monthly. Compensation is commensurate with Taiwanese salary ranges for high-performing customer service professionals.
  • Irregular working hours to collaborate effectively with US-based coaches, families, and Spike Lab staff. Coaches tend to be more free to meet in US mornings while parents are usually more free to meet in US evenings. However, you will also have flexibility in managing your own schedule and paid time off.
  • Working alongside our Taiwan team in our Taipei office in Neihu but able to work fully remotely when necessary.
  • Full benefits in accordance with Taiwanese labor laws.
  • Profit-Based Bonus. In the coming year, the team will share a portion of the company’s profits every year in the form of a bonus. The quantity will be based on team performance (total size of the portion) and individual performance (size of individual bonus).

This position is a great opportunity to get involved on the ground level of a growing company with an important mission and to work closely with the company’s founders and an international network of coaches, families and partner organizations. There is ample room for growth in this role.

Interview Process

Our interview process is broken down into three rounds. Candidates who are still under consideration will be invited to join the next round. Some of the rounds will have tasks to perform ahead of the interview. Tasks will be emailed to you ONE hour before each interview and you will be expected to complete the task ahead of each round.

Round 1: Communication and Entrepreneurship Skills

What to Expect: This is a typical first round interview and will be mainly just a series of questions. We will be focusing on your communication skills both in English & Mandarin, and will also be getting to know your entrepreneurship knowledge and experience.
Before the Interview: None

Round 2: Roleplay and Simulate the Experience

What to Expect: You will roleplay through some typical parent interactions so we can get a sense for how you would host a parent meeting and your ability to conduct yourself under pressure.
Before the Interview: We will send you a sample Spike Idea for you to evaluate and use to write up a Spike Review.

Round 3: Final Concerns

What to Expect: This is the final round where we will be discussing final concerns and playing a game together.
Before the Interview: We will send you a large sample of coaching session data, which you will use to generate a list of alerts and follow-up tasks.


Please email jobs@spikelab.com with your CV, LinkedIn Profile, and a short explanation why you’re qualified for and interested in the role.

To apply for this job please email your resume and cover letter to jobs@spikelab.com

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