Join the Spike Foundations Program and Activate Your Entrepreneurship DNA in Four Weeks!

Join the Spike Foundations Program and Activate Your Entrepreneurship DNA in Four Weeks!

Join the Spike Foundations Program and Activate Your Entrepreneurship DNA in Four Weeks! 1200 628 Natasha Chou

Excited to learn more about the Spike Foundations Program? Listen to what Larry, Spike Lab’s co-founder and designer of the program, has to say!

[Download the Spike Foundations Program Booklet]

The Spike Foundations Program is a four-week intensive innovation-entrepreneurship BootCamp that aims to help teens between the age of 13 and 17 develop entrepreneurship and executive skills. You will be working with Larry, Spike Lab’s co-founder, and Daniel, a startup coach from Silicon Valley, to design and build a product in four weeks’ time. The program culminates with you pitching your product in front of a panel of judges and exploring the possibilities of really taking your product to the market!

What can you get out of the Foundations Program?

  1. Understand popular start-up frameworks: You will learn about lean start-up and design thinking and how you can apply these frameworks to help you ideate, design, and test.
  2. Master innovation and executive skills: It is not enough to simply have an interesting idea! Throughout the program, you will learn how you can design your product based on feedback from real potential users and how you can manage your progress effectively through simple project management frameworks.
  3. Boost your extracurricular profile: Your product design experience is definitely something exciting to include in your profile! What’s more, you will be able to unlock other extracurricular opportunities that are more competitive and challenging, such as launching a Spike, an entrepreneurial venture that is aligned with your passion!

Why should teens learn about entrepreneurship?

For teens, learning about entrepreneurship or launching an entrepreneurial venture is not only about making money or finding a successful business model. It’s really about having the skills to imagine, design, and launch solutions that can solve real problems. To create something out of nothing. These are the skills that can help you thrive in high school, college, and beyond, and even help you invent the new industries of the future. (Download A Teen Entrepreneur’s Handbook)

In the context of college admissions, a topic many parents and students are most keen on, there are few profiles that are more attractive than that of the student entrepreneur. This is because every college and university is looking for students who will go on to make an impact in the world. For example, Harvard and Stanford became the schools they are today through their famous alumni. The self-starter mindset and the skills of turning an idea into a reality that students demonstrated through launching an entrepreneurial venture are precisely what colleges and universities are looking for in students whom they think can change the world. (Read: Spike Lab’s Class of 2022: College Acceptances & Spikes)

Who’s right for the Spike Foundations Program?

If you match one or more descriptions below, this program is for you:

  • “I have an awesome business idea and I want to launch my own business.”
  • “I care deeply about a particular social issue and I want to make an impact in the community.”
  • “I’m interested in participating in business and entrepreneurship challenges and I want to level up my problem-solving and pitching skills.”
  • “I would like to try out a more unique and impressive extracurricular activity to help me stand out to college admissions officers.”

The main objective of the Spike Foundations program is to equip students with the necessary skillsets and the right mindset to become teen entrepreneurs in the shortest possible time. Therefore, if you are interested in entrepreneurship but lack practical experience, join the Foundations Program now and begin your entrepreneurship journey!

To learn more about the Spike Foundations Program and how to sign up for the program, please download the Spike Foundations Program Booklet. As an alternative, you can also talk to one of Spike Lab’s program specialists.