Below is a list of some of the tools and resources that we use with our students.

College Brag Sheet Template 1000 1000 Weite Huang

College Brag Sheet Template

This college brag sheet template is designed to help you advocate for yourself to the teachers who have agree to write your college recommendation letters. Download this college brag sheet template to get started. Make sure to read our blog post “College Brag Sheet: How To Write The Best One Possible” for thorough guidance.

Example – Resume Template 1000 1000 Weite Huang

Example – Resume Template

As a high school student, you might not think a resume is important, but if you’re aiming for a summer internship or part-time job, you’ll definitely need one. Writing your resume is also a great way to prepare for summer programs or college applications because it can help you keep track of what you have accomplished throughout your high school career. Download this Resume Template to get started on formatting your first resume.

Example – Resume Outline 1000 1000 Weite Huang

Example – Resume Outline

The first step to writing a resume is listing all of your most recent experiences, skills and activities. Many students struggle with brainstorming everything that they have done so far during high school. Check out this Sample Resume Outline to get a sense of what you should put on your initial list of resume experiences.

College Research Guide 1280 960 Theo Wolf

College Research Guide

Learn some of the best practices for researching colleges in this handy guide.

Recommended Test Prep Companies 1000 675 Theo Wolf

Recommended Test Prep Companies

The Spike Lab collaborates with a number of test prep and tutoring companies. See some of our favorites in this spreadsheet.

Top College Supplement List 2020-2021 400 200 BeddAm18Mi_nx

Top College Supplement List 2020-2021

Most top US colleges require an additional supplementary essay beyond the personal statement in order to apply. This spreadsheet lists the 2020-2021 supplementary essays required for a selection of colleges. Be sure to verify each in Common App before actually submitting the essays.

The Spike Lab Summer Schedule Example 0 0 BeddAm18Mi_nx

The Spike Lab Summer Schedule Example

Planning out your time during the summer can be difficult without the structure of school. This spreadsheet provides an example of how you can plan ahead in order to structure your summer time.

ACT Writing Tutorial 0 0 BeddAm18Mi_nx

ACT Writing Tutorial

We’ve gotten a lot of questions about the ACT writing section. To many students (especially to international students), there is a mystery about how the scoring process works. What do those four numbers mean that come along with your overall essay score? How are point values assigned to each of these ‘domains’? How should I interpret my scores to improve in the future? This tutorial attempts to answer these questions and many more.

List of US Summer Programs 400 200 BeddAm18Mi_nx

List of US Summer Programs

This is a spreadsheet that lists many of the top US summer programs.

Summer Planning Tool 400 200 BeddAm18Mi_nx

Summer Planning Tool

Use this spreadsheet to plan your summer; set goals, metrics, activities and a timeline.

Top US Colleges Full List 0 0 BeddAm18Mi_nx

Top US Colleges Full List

This is a spreadsheet with key statistics for all the top US colleges. We recommend you use this resource to help you research these colleges and select your college long and short lists.

Application Guide 400 200 BeddAm18Mi_nx

Application Guide

This is a guide to help you navigate the US college application process. It focuses primarily on the technical elements of preparing and submitting all the components of the application and also provides guidance to help you submit the strongest application possible.

Mock Interview Guide 400 200 BeddAm18Mi_nx

Mock Interview Guide

This guide includes several standard interview questions asked by alumni interviewers. Please note that interviewers typically personalize their questions, so this list is by no means exhaustive.

College Visit Checklist 400 200 BeddAm18Mi_nx

College Visit Checklist

This checklist includes the different places you should try to get to when you visit a college campus. Feel free to use it as a tool when planning your college visits.

Domestic vs. International Student Acceptance Rates 400 200 BeddAm18Mi_nx

Domestic vs. International Student Acceptance Rates

This guide examines the discrepancy in acceptance rates between international students and domestic students at top US universities.

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