August Recommended Readings

This month's recommended stories on youth innovation and college admissions.

August Recommended Readings

August Recommended Readings 550 584 Jennifer Eident

Photo of Jamie Margolin from “The Teenagers at the End of the World” by The New York Times Magazine

In our work as coaches to high school superstars, we come across important stories on youth innovation and college admissions. Every month, we share our round-up of the most important ones to our newsletter subscribers. This month highlights what students and families can do during COVID and several stellar student projects.

1. How to Normalize the College Search Process for Juniors by Jeffrey Selingo | The New York Times

Rising seniors, summer is nearly over and college applications are upon us. Here’s what you can do to minimize the impact of COVID on your chances this fall and have a relatively sane college search experience.

2. A How-To Guide Starting Your Own Passion Project in Quarantine by Sebastien Chiu | Medium

Chiu, a recent college grad, shares his experience forming Project Snapshot, a virtual program of cross-student mentorship. We help our students launch a Spike—their own passion projects—and we love to promote other students also doing this!

From The New York Times / Jordan Awan

3. Know Your Pandemic Schooling Options by Katherine Cusumano | The New York Times

While schools debate over opening this fall, parents can turn to these resources to supplement their children’s educations.

4. Silicon Valley Is Jumping on the Microschool Bandwagon by Laura Bliss | Bloomberg

Online platforms matching childcare resources, nannies and tutors to families are growing to meet demand due to COVID.

5. The Case for Unschooling by Tyshia Ingram | Vox

“Unschooling,” a type of homeschooling that enables students to self-direct their learning, can foster an entrepreneurial mindset. Here’s how.

6. The Teenagers at the End of the World by Brooke Jarvis | The New York Times Magazine

Margolin has been educating children about climate change for years as one of the youth activists running Zero Hour. This is her story.

7. High Schoolers Across the Country Are Seeking ‘Teenager Therapy’ by Taylor Lorenz | The New York Times

Tune into “Teenager Therapy,” a podcast (and what we’d call a Spike Project) started by five rising seniors to help teens cope with the realities of COVID.

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